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Sports Palace «Megasport»
See the 3D tour

Virtual tours will give you an opportunity to remotely get acquainted with the team's locker room, visit the club's museum, and most importantly, choose the best seat for you in the arena. This service allows you to look at the court from any sector of Megasport .

Controlling a 3D tour is easy.
  • — Wait for the full tour to download.
  • — Use the control panel at the bottom of the panorama. You can use the left mouse button for the same purpose
  • — You can rotate the image in the desired direction (click and hold).
  • — Move the mouse wheel to zoom-in or zoom-out.
  • — To switch from panorama to panorama (virtual tour) find an image of a red basketball and click on it.
  • — Sound can be adjusted using the sound adjustment button, and to view the picture in full screen, use the corresponding button in the menu.