All home games at Megasport Sport Palace*

EuroLeague and VTB UL

COVID restrictions

With the introduction of new restrictions, season ticket holders will have the advantage of attending matches

If the match is canceled or held without spectators, next season you will visit the match with the same opponent (or the same price category) for free

Discount up to 40%

25 percent discount on one-game tickets for new clients

An additional 5% discount when renewing your season pass

CSKA BONUS Loyalty program

Up to 3% of season subscription price transferred to your bonus account

10 percent cash-pack on other purchases during the season

Additional 20% discount for certain categories (children over 6 years old, schoolchildren, students, veterans, disabled persons)

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In-arena seating
Next season tickets
Место в ложе
126800 ₽
120500 ₽
101500 ₽
1 ряд
163500 ₽
155400 ₽
130800 ₽
2-3 ряд
132800 ₽
126200 ₽
106300 ₽
4-5 ряд
116300 ₽
110500 ₽
93100 ₽
B0, D0
76500 ₽
72700 ₽
61200 ₽
37900 ₽
36100 ₽
30400 ₽
A2c, A3c, C2c, C3c
27700 ₽
26400 ₽
22200 ₽
A2, A3, C2, C3
23300 ₽
22200 ₽
18700 ₽
A1, A4, C1, C4
16900 ₽
16100 ₽
13600 ₽
В1, D1, D4
11600 ₽
11100 ₽
9300 ₽
B2, B3, D2, D3
9100 ₽
8700 ₽
7300 ₽
5400 ₽
5200 ₽
4400 ₽


  • You can purchase a season subscription at a reduced price if you have documents confirming your right to the discount. To do this, send an email to ticket@cskabasket.ru and attach the scanned documents. After that, a sales manager will contact you.

  • To purchase a subscription to the club's active support sector, email us at ticket@cskabasket.ru. We will pass your contact details on to the leaders of the fan sector, who will inform you about the rules of conduct and support of the team during the games.

  • Subscriptions are sold only in electronic form. After your purchase is complete, a link will be sent to your email, using it you can download the subscription to your mobile phone.

  • If a game included in the season ticket is postponed, it is not a basis for a refund for an individual game or for the price of the full season ticket.

  • If a game included in the season ticket is cancelled, the Moscow government imposes a ban preventing the game from taking place, or there is a decision in place by Rospotrebnadzor to hold games without spectators, the season ticket owner will be compensated for the cost of attending this game in the following season when buying a season ticket, or provided with free tickets to a game with the same opponent (or to a game within the same price range).

  • Access to games is organized in accordance with the rules put forward by the Moscow Government and Rospotrebnadzor. If spectators are allowed to games only with a valid QR code, the absence of such from a season ticket holder will not be the basis for a refund for both the season ticket itself and for an individual game.

  • The main rules for visiting home games in the 2021/22 season can be found here