Special rules for visiting home games:

Based on the decrees of the Mayor of Moscow and the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor on the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the fight against it, additional security measures at home games of PBC CSKA are applied.

  • at the entrance to the arena, it is mandatory to measure the temperature of the body, and spectators with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or above are not allowed to attend the game (this can not be a reason for a ticket refund)
  • spectators with visual symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc. are not allowed to enter the arena (this can not be a reason for a ticket refund);
  • The spectators must wear masks and gloves at all times at the arena;
  • in the lobby of the arena during the event, spectators must keep a social distance from each other of at least 1.5 meters;
  • It is necessary to occupy seats strictly in accordance with the information on the tickets since the social distancing rule has to be applied and no more than five people are allowed to be seated together.

We ask you to follow all the requirements of the rules in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Be healthy and we will be happy to see you at our home games!


Rules of conduct for the holders of courtside tickets or season tickets.

  1. Courtside tickets are occupied according to the tickets/season tickets purchased. The fan is obliged to keep the ticket/season tickets until the end of the game and present it at the request of the arena control and management service. If there are objective reasons (the need for repairs to be made, the threat of an emergency, the threat to the life and health of citizens, etc.), the Club at its discretion has the right to transfer any spectator to another seat. In case of refusal to transfer, employees of the arena and management service have the right to remove such a viewer from the sector/arena without providing any monetary or other compensation.
  2. The fan must remain in his seat during the game. If you need to leave the seat, you can do it during a timeout or a break.
  3. It is forbidden to leave your seat during the game.
  4. It is forbidden to use a photo flash.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to walk onto the playing court and throw objects on the court.
  6. It is forbidden to carry large items, such as cardboard signs, flags, selfie sticks, etc. Employees of the arena control and management service reserve the right to seize such items if they consider them dangerous for players, coaches, referees, officials at the referee's table, representatives of the media and TV.
  7. A fan must show respect to players, coaches, referees, employees and officials during the game.
  8. It is forbidden to interfere in the process of covering the game in the media before, after and during the game.
  9. It is forbidden to interact with players, coaches, employees and officials in any way, physically or verbally.
  10. It is forbidden to use obscene expressions or gestures directed towards TV cameras, players, coaches, judges, officials or fans.
  11. In case of non-compliance with these Rules, employees of the arena and management service have the right to remove the violator from the arena.
  12. In cases of a fan's violation of these Rules, as well as the fan's commission of other illegal actions, and subsequent compensation by the Club to other persons caused by this fan, or punishment towards the Club for the commission of these illegal actions by a judge, or another official authorized body to consider cases of administrative offenses, or jurisdictional bodies of the RBF/United League VTB/Euroleague, the Club has the right to reverse the claim (regression) to the fan who performed the above actions in the amount paid by the Club.
  13. The Club reserves the right to refuse access/sale of tickets/season tickets to any fan who has previously violated these Rules.

Rules of behavior of spectators at the Sports Arena during sporting events:

1. Viewers have the right to:

– enter the territory of the Sports Arena if tickets are present at the ticket control;

2. Viewers must:

– Uphold and maintain public order and generally accepted standards of conduct;

– leave the prohibited items at the storage in front of the arena;

– to present a ticket at the first request and comply with the legal orders of the administration of the Sports Arena, law enforcement agencies and the security service.

- use masks and gloves while being at the Sports Arena, as well as comply with other requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Viewers are prohibited from:

– entering the territory of the Sports Arena in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication, carrying and drinking alcohol, using tobacco, psychotropic and narcotic substances;

– smoking inside the Sports Arena;

– carrying weapons into the territory of the Sports Arena, as well as flammables, explosives and other objects that can be used as weapons;

– throwing objects onto the stands and the court, as well as performing other actions that violate public order during the event;

– carrying pipes, whistles and other objects that can produce soundы similar to the signal of the referee's table to the Sports Arena;

– displaying banners, symbols, emblems or texts that directly or indirectly incite violence or carry discriminatory messages at the Sports Arena;

– allowing access to the Sports Arena of persons providing services to third parties in the field of sports betting, if they do not have an agreement with the Organizer;

– bringing merchandise with materials of extremist nature.

– making video and audio recordings without written permission of the Organizer.

Spectators who do not comply with the rules will be removed from the event without compensation for the cost of the ticket. And if they commit unlawful actions, they can be held accountable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation



* Please read the procedure of application for discount on tickets for preferential categories of citizens (this discount can be used only in Sales Department and Cash Desk):

  1. Veterans of the Second World War and military action, disabled people of groups I and II, members of large families, pensioners, children of school age (7-18 years), as well as students of the day department (up to 25 years) are entitled to apply for ticket discounts;
  2. when purchasing preferential tickets in the sales department of CSKA, it is necessary to submit a document and its copy granting the right for the discount;
  3. One document is entitled to a discount on one, one-time ticket;
  4. a copy of the document is given to the cashier before purchasing the ticket.
  5. discounts for preferential categories of citizens does not apply for the tickets in the fan sector.
  6.  Children under 7 attend the event for free if they are not seated.


Tickets are returned and exchanged only if the event is cancelled or postponed. When tickets are returned, their full value is returned. Tickets refunds are only accepted within three working days after the date of the event indicated on the front side of the form.

– The organizer of the event reserves the right to cancel or postpone the date and place of the event. If the event is transferred to another Sports Arena, the organizer guarantees the replacement of the ticket with a ticket of the same category or higher, or a full refund of funds.

– The Organizer shall not be liable for counterfeit tickets and tickets purchased from persons who are not official representatives of the Organizer.

– The event organizer shall not be liable for any loss or expense resulting from the cancellation or postponement of the event.

-  Electronic tickets may be presented in printed or electronic form!